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Hospitals need more items than ever in unit dose packages. Fewer than ever are available from pharmaceutical manufacturers. Capital budgets are strained. Pharmacy employees want to focus on clinical issues. Bedside verification systems are coming soon, and will require bar coding of the entire formulary. The solution outsourcing to Unit Dose Solutions.

At Unit Dose Solutions, our entire business is repackaging your drugs. Any or all of them. Using current good manufacturing practices as specified by the FDA.

Outsourcing your unit dose packaging has many benefits. The most important is improved patient safety through reduced medication errors. With Unit Dose Solutions' outsourced services, our customers can have any drug in their existing formulary repackaged into a unit dose, bar coded format. A customized approach is provided to each customer, enabling you to work within your existing drug formulary, work with your existing drug wholesaler, work with your existing internal storage and distribution system, work with any bedside verification system, and use any bar code scanners. You also can redirect valuable staff time into other clinical activities.

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Unit Dose Solutions

Working in an FDA registered environment, the highest possible standard for quality and rapid turnaround time are hallmarks of Unit Dose Solutions' outsourcing service.