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Patient Safety First​ 

At Unit Dose Solutions, Inc. patient safety comes first.  Compared to other drug distribution systems within hospitals and long-term care facilities, unit dose systems are safer for the patient, with a proven reduction in the number medication errors.  Through both a bar code and human readable label technology, our services are compatible with all major bedside verification systems.

We offer more flexibility and customization than anyone else – of package types and sizes, bar code formats and label information.

Unit Dose Solutions, Inc. – your premier pharmaceutical packaging company. We are here to provide our clients with the highest quality services that will not only help them in the short run, but they reap the benefits in the long run too. Our commitment to quality can be seen by our compliance with the highest industry standards. We are licensed not just by state boards, and the DEA, but registered with the FDA as well.

Unit Dose Solutions, Inc. prides itself on cGMP compliance and adherence to the Code of Federal Regulations. Our typical packaging time and quality surpasses all industry standards. We have a turnaround time of 48-72 hours – which includes a minimum of 55 security checks, including a final inspection by licensed pharmaceutical staff.  

DEA  licensed
 ​FDA registered