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Unit Dose Solutions Inc. provides outsourced drug repackaging services to hospitals and institutional pharmacies in accordance with current good manufacturing practices ("cGMP").
Drug repackaging services involve the conversion of "bulk" drug inventory items into individual dose packages, with the application of a bar code and human readable label. Our customers order from their drug wholesale distributor with instruction to ship directly to Unit Dose Solutions. Within 48 hours, we repackage into unit dose packages with bar code and label information set to each customer's specifications, and ship them directly to the customer. Bar code and label information can be customized for each customer at no additional charge.
Unit Dose Solutions has the capability to repackage most drugs and all dosage forms commonly used in U.S. hospitals and nursing homes, requiring no formulary concessions by our customers. All products include the following information on the labels:
Drug identification number (NDC)
Generic drug name
Unit Dose Solutions lot number
Expiration date
Location of Unit Dose Solutions packaging facility
The following drug forms can be repackaging by Unit Dose Solutions
Oral solids, including tablets and capsules
Oral liquids, including cups and oral syringes
Ophthalmic drops

Unit Dose Solutions receives "bulk" drugs from you or your drug wholesaler.

We repackage the drugs according to your exact specifications.
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The drugs are shipped directly to your pharmacy for distribution.