Unit Dose Solutions

About Us
Unit Dose Solutions Inc. is a pharmacy services outsourcing company based in Morrisville, NC, near Research Triangle Park. Formed in 2005, the Company's mission is to provide outsourced drug repackaging and sterile preparation services in accordance with current good manufacturing practices ("cGMP"). Our customers include acute care hospitals, psychiatric hospitals, long term care hospitals, nursing homes and other long-term care institutions in the U.S.

At Unit Dose Solutions patient safety comes first. Compared to other drug distribution systems within hospitals and long-term care facilities, unit dose systems are safer for the patient, with proven reductions in the number of medication errors. With both a bar code and a human readable label on each dose of medicine, our services are compatible with all major bedside verification systems.

We offer more flexibility and customization than anyone else - of package types and sizes, bar code formats and label information.
Unit Dose Solutions opened its facility near Raleigh, North Carolina 2005.